About me.

My name is Edward Mathews (I go by Eddie). I like to figure stuff out: build things, break things, then fix them again. I have always been fascinated with technology and how we interact with them.

By Title...
Currently, I am a User Experience and Interaction Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace developing front end online solutions. Prior to this, I was an Interaction Designer focusing on user experience and brand retention at PetSmart. Sometimes, I also freelance as a web designer and developer. I graduated from Arizona State Univeristy with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design and also have a Masters of Business Administration with a specialty in e-Business from the University of Phoenix.

You can view my profile on Linkedin for a more detailed information about work experience.

What I believe...

On graphic design...
Graphic design, to me, is the means of solving a defined problem through visual stimulus and communicating this stimulus to a mass audience. 1 to 1 communication is art and not design. Real design of this form of communication is through the following principles: aesthetics and semantics; form and function. Through this acknowledgment, the information at hand must be delivered in a clear, and concise manner. They can, at times, even become a metaphor of the exact information they represent.

On web technologies...
Technology constantly changes; and it goes full circle. As a designer, you want to push the defined boundaries to make meaningful messages to all users. For developers, you want everything streamlined to make things run faster and act “smarter.”

The good things you do in life, good things will follow; If you decide to go down an alternate path, the decision will reflect an undesireable outcome; and whatever happens, it is your decision. I belive all unexplained things happen for a reason, and how you handle these things help you grow as an individual. Friedrich Nietzsche said it best: “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.” – Twilight of the Idols, 1888

About the name emvisions.

Emvisions is a play on the word “envision,” meaning “to picture mentally; imagine” (Source). In essence, we all imagine how things look, how things work, and how things should be. As a twist, I used my initials, EM, replacing the “en” to represent what I imagine; my emvisions.